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Saree with shrug

We are proud to present the Saree with Shrug collection, which is designed specifically for today’s stylish ladies. It is the pinnacle of elegance and sophistication. Bella Signora’s Saree with Shrug combination is a representation of our belief in blending classic design elements with modern fashion. With this exquisite fusion that skillfully blends the elegance of a saree with the contemporary appeal of a shrug, you may elevate your ethnic outfit.

Why Choose Saree with Shrug?

The saree with shrug is a statement piece rather than merely a dress. It offers you a gorgeous look that works for a variety of settings by skillfully fusing the classic appeal of a saree with the style and adaptability of a shrug. This outfit makes you stand out in the crowd whether you’re attending a wedding, a fun celebration, or a special evening event.

Key Features of saree with shrug:

  • Exquisite Fabric:  The best textiles are used in the creation of our saree with shrugs, guaranteeing a sensual sensation against your skin. The shrug adds a level of elegance, while the saree has a lush drape. These textiles work together to provide comfort without sacrificing style.
  • Intricate Designs: Every saree with a shrug is a work of art, showcasing the rich cultural legacy of Indian textiles via complex patterns and embellishments. Our selection includes both modern and classic designs to suit a wide range of preferences.
  • Versatile Styling:  This ensemble’s adaptability is one of its best qualities. With just one set, you can get many appearances by draping the saree in different fashions and wearing the shrug over Western or ethnic clothing.
  • Designer Appeal: With our assortment of Designer Sarees with Shrugs, you can up your style game. Each piece, which has been carefully chosen by skilled designers, perfectly combines traditional and modern aesthetics. 

How to Style Your Saree with Shrug:

There are a ton of ways to style a saree with a shrug; you may try out several designs that harmoniously combine traditional and modern fashion. The following are some creative ways to wear a shrug with a saree:

  • Classic Draping with Shrug Accent:

Use the shrug as an accent element as you drape the saree traditionally. Let the shrug fall softly over one shoulder to give your traditional saree drape a refined touch.

  • Belted Elegance:

Wear the shrug over your saree and accessorise it with a chic belt for a contemporary, structured appearance. This gives your outfit a fashionable touch while also defining your waist.

  • Casual Draping with Boho Shrug:

Choose a looser saree drape and wear it with a shrug that has a boho vibe. This carefree look radiates easy charm and is ideal for daytime events or informal get-togethers.

  • Off-Shoulder Glam:

Make a statement with your shoulders by draping the saree such that one or both are visible. For a glam and contemporary take on the classic saree style, team it with an off-the-shoulder shrug.

  • Pant Style Saree with Long Shrug:

Try with other saree drapes, such as the pant-style one, and wear it with a long, flowing shrug. This modern fusion is ideal for occasions where you want to make a big fashion statement, including cocktail parties.

  • Cape Style Drama:

Put out the usual shrug with a cape-style shrug that complements the saree perfectly. This striking accent livens up your look and is perfect for celebratory events.

  • Print on Print:

Choose a patterned shrug that goes well with the pattern of your saree to combine different designs. This whimsical combo gives your entire outfit a vibrant, diverse feel.

  • Monochrome Magic:

Invest in a monochrome saree and a shrug in a contrasting hue. This modest yet effective style decision highlights the special blend with a powerful visual impact.

  • Lace and Sheer Play:

To give your saree attire a feminine touch, go for a shrug with lace or transparent embellishments. This is a great choice for parties or nighttime occasions.

  • Bollywood-Inspired Glam:

Wear a shrug to channel your inner Bollywood diva while accessorizing the saree with bright makeup, striking jewellery, and high heels. This glitzy look is ideal for formal occasions like weddings and festivals.

Where to Buy Women’s Sarees with Shrug Online:

Bella Signora is the place to go if you want to buy sarees with shrugs online. You are guaranteed to discover the ideal outfit that accentuates your unique style and personality because of our vast collection. Just look around our website, pick your preferred style, and enjoy doorstep delivery ease.

Designer Sarees Women Shrugs

Bella Signora’s stunning range of designer sarees with women’s shrugs will elevate your ethnic attire. Our carefully chosen collection combines the classic appeal of sarees with the contemporary attraction of designer shrugs to create a fusion look that radiates refinement and style for you.

Bella Signora is the best place to get designer sarees with women’s shrugs online. Look through our carefully selected collection and select from a variety of designs that suit both classic and modern preferences. You will leave a lasting impression on every occasion because of our dedication to quality and design. 

Care and Maintenance Tips 

Maintaining the lifespan and gorgeous attractiveness of your saree with shrug requires proper care. The following cleaning advice will help you maintain the perfect condition of your saree with a shrug:

  • Dry Cleaning:

If you want to protect the integrity of the fabric and any fine embellishments, go with expert dry cleaning.

  • Storage: 

Keep your saree and shrug together in a dry, cool area. To shield it from dust and bright sunlight, place it in a ventilated clothing bag. 

  • Separate Storage for embellished Items:

If your saree is heavily embellished, you might want to store it apart from other clothes to prevent snagging or damage. 

  • Don’t Hang Around for Too Long:

Although it’s traditional to hang your saree, try not to do so for too long, especially if the cloth is thick. 


Q1. Why choose a Saree with Shrug?

Ans: A saree with shrug is more than just an outfit; it’s a statement piece blending classic saree elegance with the modern style and adaptability of a shrug, perfect for various occasions.

Q2. What are the key features of Saree with Shrug?

Ans: The ensemble boasts exquisite fabrics, intricate designs showcasing Indian textiles, versatile styling options, and a designer appeal, curated by skilled designers.

Q3. How can I style my Saree with Shrug creatively?

Ans: Explore classic draping with shrug accents, try belted elegance, opt for casual draping with a boho shrug, go off-shoulder glam, experiment with pant-style saree and long shrug, or add drama with a cape-style shrug.

Q4. Where can I buy Women’s Sarees with Shrug online?

Ans: Bella Signora is the go-to place for purchasing sarees with shrugs online, offering a vast collection to suit various styles and preferences, ensuring doorstep delivery convenience.

Q5. What are the care and maintenance tips for Saree with Shrug?

Ans: Opt for expert dry cleaning to preserve fabric integrity and embellishments. Store in a dry, cool area, use ventilated clothing bags to shield from dust and sunlight, and consider separate storage for heavily embellished items. Avoid hanging for too long, especially with thick fabrics.

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